People with disabilities and people affected by leprosy, especially women, face many problems in Myanmar. Their human rights are often  violated, and businesses and decision-makers consistently do not take into consideration the  challenges and concernsfaced by households affected by disability (meaning one or more household member  has a disability). Most people with disabilities live in rural areas where agriculture is the main source of income. However, people with disabilities encounter many barriers to work as farmers or labourers in agricultural value chains, as well as access to marketplaces and finance. These barriers take shape in the form of attitudinal, physical, communication, and institutional barriers.

This online platform is focussed on the 3-year Economic Empowerment Project, funded by DaNa. The purpose of the project is to strengthen the economic position of disabled people and people affected by leprosy in Myanmar. The  Leprosy Mission Myanmar (TLMM), BRAC, and Enablement work together, also with private and public stakeholders and relevant government actors, to lower the barriers for people with disabilities to find meaningful employment and to protect and empower the affected households.


So how do we strengthen the position of people with disabilities?

  • We assist people with disabilities to become employed trough job coaches.

  • We develop a model market place that is accessible to all people with disabilities.

  • We design a module on adapted tools for people with disabilities in the agricultural sector.

  • We establish access to micro-credit for people with disabilities in cooperation with BRAC.

  • We present concrete research results.

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