Meet Chan Myae Aung 

Chan Myae Aung working as a hairdresser

Chan Myae Aung (25 years old and having a physical impairment) left in 2016 Htein Pin village, Kyaukkyi township, to attend a hair cutting training in Yangon. It included a 3 months training, provided by Association for Aid and Relief (AAR) - Japan. After the training, Chan Myae Aung stayed in the city as a casual worker while he tried to find a suitable job.

In May 2018, he met Job Placement Coach (JPC) U Khin Mg Win with whom he discussed his employment preferences and opportunities. The JPC arranged a job interview at a barber shop and within the same month he could start working as a hair dresser. 

Chan Myae Aung has a monthly income now which is sufficient to sustain himself and his parents. He is grateful for the work of the JPC.